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Sales Funnels

Funnels for sales and leads

We drive leads and sales to your business using our “secret formula”. This method is designed to give you lifetime customers.

What is needed ⁉

In order for funnels to be effective, there are a few things we need in order to make them work best. For starters, we need to know who your dream client is; we only want to bring you high quality leads.

Then, we analyze and find out where to find your dream clients online in order to target them effectively. Once we work together with you to ensure we have your dream client, we get to work on our secret formula! 

Climb our value ladder…

Step 1. Bait 🎣

The first real step in your funnel; something interactive to hook your dream client and get them started down the journey of your funnel.

Step 2. Frontend 📬

Next, we find something appealing for your customers to take advantage of. This could include offers such as a sale, contest, giveaway, etc. Or better yet, something free to gain some trust to your lead.  

What’s Next? 🤔

It’s not called a secret formula for no reason! We’ve given you a taste of what your value ladder includes but if you’d like to learn our full process and the rest of the steps, click the “contact” button below!


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